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As a broad-based professional marketing and communications firm, we offer a complete range of services to help our clients maintain a competitive edge. From feasibility studies to integrated marketing plans, we customize our services to meet your business and project goals. Our team of experts work under a boundaryless, seamless philosophy so that you receive the best, most economical project or program solution. We provide a representative list of our services below.

Marketing and Communications Consulting

Five business people in officeOur marketing and communications consulting services provide answers that drive your business forward and build your brand. Our job is to maximize our client’s exposure through our expert understanding. We will provide you with unparalleled business insight that leads to optimal decisions, effective deployment of resources, and efficient processes. Services include creation of marketing plans, creative, media buying, public relations, research, and analysis.

Social Media Marketing

socialmediaFacebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media are no longer a novelty, but a necessity. Furthermore, social media is here to stay for a long time. We work with clients to develop social media marketing plans that make sense, whether the goal is to increase awareness or to drive sales. Afterwards, we implement these plans by managing client accounts.

Custom Publishing

custompublishingWe offer marketing and advertising departments made-to-order content packages that provide special promotional and revenue-generating opportunities. Our solutions are perfect for companies whose core business is not publishing and are interested more in outsourcing publishing projects. We deliver fully customized magazines, program booklets, broadsheet, tabloid or freestanding insert pieces designed to suit your needs and preferences-created specifically to reach key markets and relevant readers in your area.

Graphic and Web Design

graphicdesignWe specialize in providing professional graphic design services for businesses. Our area of expertise includes graphic design for advertising creative across multiple platforms and custom web site design. Also, design services for publications include layout for magazines, media kits, commemorative booklets, event guides, and newsletters. Our designers work closely with you to create unique designs that meet your requirements technically and aesthetically.

Video Production & Editing

videoproductionWe specialize in producing television commercials and corporate video. Using our years of industry experience, we create powerful film and video productions that stay in the minds of viewers. Whether we’re covering an event, shooting a commercial, or producing an educational, training, or marketing video, we know it’s so important to tell your stories in a powerful way and get it right the first time.

Mobile Device Implementation

iphoneFor years, mobile devices have been an ignored platform to reach current and potential customers. However, with new technologies and cultural norms, this platform is proving to be highly effective for companies that are looking to deliver their messages without clutter. As leaders in this technology, we will help you use mobile devices to your advantage.

Web-Based Software Design

webbasedsoftwareOur software development team provides unparalleled expertise in software architecture, application design, product development, software maintenance, and implementation of enhancements. We excel in web-based architectures and will create brand-new applications to suit your needs, implement enhancements to existing applications, expand homegrown solutions, or perform system integration of diverse and legacy software. We create solutions that work today and carry you into the future.

Media Placement

timeAre you looking to maximize your customer impact with or without a bigger advertising budget? If you could reach more of your customers without having to increase your advertising budget, would you? Through a sophisticated and comprehensive approach to advertising media placement, we help clients get their message out to more of their target market.

Market Research

marketresearchIn today’s business climate, understanding the dynamics of your market is the first step toward business success. Clear product positioning based on accurate market segmentation and detailed understanding of consumer behavior, motivations, attitudes, needs, and the competitive landscape is critically important. Our market research services include qualitative research, category assessment, and segmentation.

Event Production

eventproductionWhen it comes to event production, simple things like staging, lighting, sound, and crew hands can make a huge difference. We have the experience, knowledge and passion to make your event the best it can be. We provide top-notch management, planning, production, and staffing services to make your event a success.

Spanish Translation

As the Hispanic and Spanish-speaking populations grow in the United States, it is increasingly important that your message reach these demographics.  Therefore, the right strategy to translate and deliver your messages must be created by a firm that understands and is a part of the target demographic. We know firsthand that it’s not just about translating the language, but about adjusting for cultural nuances and recognizing opportunities. We ensure that it is done right from the beginning.


We understand the importance of sponsorships to your event’s success. As veterans in sponsorship sales and brokering, we oversee the management and fulfillment process of sponsorships in order to remove that onus from you. That way you can focus on producing a great event. With access to a database of hundreds of potentials sponsors and a proven track record, we can get the job done.